5 Ways To Enhance Your Boat Charter Miami Vacation Experience

Boat Charter in Miami is a great way to explore the waters around Biscayne Bay, South Beach, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re booking a yacht charter for the first time in Miami or you’ve been boating in South Florida before, there are several things you can do to optimize your getaway. 

Learning Boat Charter  is easy. Moreover, it’s trip planning and what better place to do it than Miami?

Map of your route

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newcomer to Miami’s waters or an experienced boater looking for a new adventure. Consider planning your sunset trip to watch the beautiful sunset or coordinating an overnight trip where you can watch the moon rise around Biscayne Bay. Think of hot spots such as the Venetian Islands or Star Island, or ravel to Biscayne and Elliott Key National Park. If you are an adventure enthusiast, take full advantage of the opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling, and nature trekking around parks and islands.

Pack some snacks

Enjoy the sunset and watch the dolphins, or take some great photos of the shoreline on a multi-hour boat tour around Miami. Since you’ll be chartering a yacht in Miami for several hours, be sure to pack a few snacks for the trip. Granola bars, wraps, sandwiches, chips, and candies are some handy options to put in a cooler bag or tote. If you plan on a mooring near a beach, you can even pack a full picnic for yourself and your guests.

Drink Water, limit alcohol

To enjoy your Miami Yacht Charter, get water, juice, and other non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated during your trip. If you plan to serve or drink alcoholic beverages, Monet Yachts like to spoil their clients and include at least a bottle of premium champagne to enhance the charter experience. Most importantly, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and poisoning along the way.

Bring sunscreen 

Whether you want to spend more time on your Miami yacht rental or the beach, be sure to protect your skin from the elements and dress appropriately. The hot Florida sun doesn’t have to cause severe sunburn or other problems. Apply sunscreen and wear your sunglasses for protection. Opt for light colors and light clothing, and change clothes if you plan to wear a swimsuit or shorts for most of the trip.

Screen for local events

Miami hosts many festivals, celebrations, and special events throughout the year. Whether you’re planning a Miami cruise over the weekend or during the holiday season, you can dock the boat at a local marina to enjoy the holidays along the way. It’s a great way to meet people in the area and enjoy fireworks shows and other events over the water.

Plan an unforgettable South Florida getaway with a bespoke Boat Charter Miami experience.

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