8 Common Boating Terms Every Beginners Needs To Know!

For a beginner, the boating experience can be overwhelming because there are tons of things to keep in mind. Among them are the terms commonly famous in the boating industry, and here are a few boating terms that every beginner should know.

Front and Rear 

 The front simply refers to the front part of the boat, while the rear is the back part.


 It is the general term refers to the station from which you will be at the helm.

Port and Starboard 

 While bow and stern are navigational terms that refer to the forward and aft parts, respectively, port and starboard are terms useful for left and right. If you are having trouble remembering which is which, a tip is to remember that port has four letters, just like the word left.

Head, galley, saloon

These terms are only useful when it comes to large boats. They simply refer to the bathroom, kitchen, and living room in this order.


 It refers to the physical parts of the boat that are in the water.

Waterline Any novice boater should know the waterline, which is the line that surrounds the hull at its point of intersection with the surface of the water.


 The draft is technically the shallowest part of the water in which the boat floats freely without touching the bottom. It is the vertical distance between the waterline and the lowest point of the boat.


 the term simply refers to the docking of your boat. A floating boat docked at all times with an attachment point can be called mooring. A mooring line can also be called a mooring line. If your boat is moored, it will be called a mooring.


 It is a plastic or metal fitting in order to securely attach a line.

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