Beginners Guide To Different Types Of Boats

There are different types of boats for every sailor, and a beginner should know them. It will help him to choose the right one according to his use and his idea of fun on the water.

But first of all, it is also necessary to become familiar with the two types of materials commonly used in boat building: aluminum and fiberglass.

Aluminum & Fiberglass

Although there are other types of materials for boat manufacturing, aluminum and fiberglass are the most commonly used for recreational boating. The most obvious difference between the two is the price – aluminum is significantly less expensive than fiberglass types. The latter requires expensive casting, expensive materials, and many hours of construction compared to the former.

  • Aluminum

There are two construction methods for an aluminum type boat: deep drawn aluminum and aluminum plate. Pressed aluminum is ideal for small boats intended to be used for quieter trips such as on rivers and lakes. Sheet aluminum construction, on the other hand, is useful for larger yachts for inshore and offshore fishing, commercial fishing, and ferries.

  • Fiberglass

The fiberglass boat is the best option to choose for a yacht or a cruiser. Fiberglass boats are generally manufactured using the manual laying method, vacuum infusion, and chopper gun. This type of boat is generally heavier than aluminum and therefore requires more care in its use. They will scrape or crack when they hit a rock, while aluminum boats have dents.

Both types of boats are good, but it all depends on your preferences and what you plan to do with it.

The Different Types of Boats  

  • Cuddy Cabins

These boats are ideal for family adventures such as fishing, water sports, and cruising. They are agile and easy to maneuver. The boat’s cavernous storage area can be usable as a sleeping area. Low-profile cabins are increasingly popular these days because of their elegant appearance.

  • Bass Boats

These boats are specific for fishing. Its low and elegant profile makes it an ideal boat for fishing. They can be made out of fiberglass or aluminum, but tournament type boats are more often made out of the former.

  • Walkarounds

This boat allows passengers to have walking access to the boat. They are very popular with anglers because they are equipped with rod holders, live wells, and steps to the foredeck. These boats are also propelled by outboard motors.

  • Trawlers

Trawlers are for sailors who do not want to handle halyards and sails. Displacement hulls are efficient and easy to move around on the water without using too much fuel and power. It is an excellent type of boat for long-distance cruising, as well as a family boat for cruising.

  • Cabin Cruiser 

If you wish to enjoy some comfort during your sea trip, a cabin cruise boat could be the type of boat you are looking for. This pleasure cruise boat has a head, a galley, and at least one berth (or fixed bed). Other amenities you can benefit from are air conditioning, water heaters, and electric generators.

  • Bowriders

These are runabout type vessels that offer spacious seating in the bow area. The stern can be an ideal place to install swimming platforms and wakeboards for your water adventures.

  • Catamarans

Also called “cats”. These boats have two parallel hulls rather than one and designed for intensive fishing and leisure cruising.

  • Center Consoles

These are open fishing boats designed for rough waters. It is an open hull with a single deck where the controls are located in the center. This design makes it possible to cope with large ocean waves with ease when fishing in open waters.

  • Houseboats

If you want to spend a relaxing moment on the water, the barge is the best type of boat. It is spacious and equipped with modern amenities for your comfort.

  • Dinghy

Drifters are small boats that are paired with larger boats. They can be used when the mother ship is too large to navigate in narrow areas or too difficult to maneuver. Dinghies are also great for camping and fishing in small bodies of water. Outboard motors and oars are the main propulsion for this type of boat.

  • Motorboats

The standard length of a motor yacht is 12 meters and more. It is an excellent choice of boat for a family leisure trip as it can sail on the water for long periods.

  • Game boats

As its name indicates, this vessel designed to catch game fish such as tuna and marlin. This family boat usually has berths and a kitchen and useful to stay in the water for several days. It is easy to find, catch, and fight big fish using this boat.

  • Personal Watercraft

Thrill-seekers will find this boat a comfortable and safe way to explore the waters. PWCs allow you to venture out to sea at your own pace and enjoy activities such as sport fishing and water skiing. Besides, PWCs are easy to maintain, transport, and store.

  • Sailing boats

Sailboats are distinguishable by the fact that the wind partly propelled them. The wind blows on the sails and makes the boat move. They are distinguishable by their size, type of keel, number of sails, hull configuration, and general function.

  • Runabout

Runabouts are open boats that have controls at the front behind a windshield. In general, they are entry-level boats, preferably useful for family boating, towing sports, and fishing.

  • Ski & Wakeboard boats

These two entities may be similar, but what distinguishes them is their field of action. Inboard ski boats need a wide range of acceleration. Wakeboards, on the other hand, require a V-shaped engine system, deep hulls, and a big wake to propel them.

  • Inflatables

There are two types of boats: furling boats and rigid inflatable boats. These boats are perfect for saltwater and freshwater activities such as water sports, fishing, and much more. The type of motor differs depending on the size and type of boat, but they can range from a 2 hp outboard to 250 hp.