Boat Rental Miami Beach: Miami Boating Guide

Miami Beach boating is a part of life for residents and a must for visitors. Biscayne Bay on the west coast with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, providing plenty of boating options available. From November to April, the dry season in Miami Beach is a perfect escape for those looking to leave winter behind . Also, for those who want to celebrate events or parties. If you don’t have your own boat, Monet yachts charters offers you the best boat rental in Miami beach and a multitude of large and small boats and party yachts.

Looking to sail the Miami Beach Intercoastal Waterways? Don’t worry, Monet yachts charters has you covered for all your jet ski charter activities in Miami Beach for those with a Florida State Pleasure Card.

Miami Party Boat Rentals 

Monet yacht charters is here to offer you the most suitable boats for rent so that you can enjoy your weekend. For a big party, we have what you need. We provide boats that can accommodate all your guests. The party rental boats include beautiful open-air spaces and beautifully decorated cabins for you to enjoy. Your guests entertain with a luxurious lounge, a spacious dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen with premium equipment.

Boat Rental Miami Beach

If you prefer to organize a big party on a boat, just assign our special deals of the week and promotions. We have yachts and boats for rent equipped with large outdoor open deck spaces. They have a professional and helpful crew that will serve you tempting dishes and cocktails overnight.

Furthermore, if you are willing to rent a suitable boat to relax, sunbathe, and watch the sunset, rent an elegant and high-quality boat. 

Take a cruise on the ocean aboard a well-maintained boat with customized functions. It will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Get your family and friends and enjoy the sea aboard our fantastic charter boats!

What are you waiting for? Book a boat and experience the magnificent views of Miami. Monet Yacht charters can help you plan the ideal vacation, considering everything you need! Contact us for more details about our services : 1 (305) 677 2557