Boat Slips For Rent In Miami: The Ultimate Guidelines

Unlike a car, which you can park anywhere, you need a specific dock or slipway to house your boat. That means that you will have to rent a slipway in a marina. And unlike parking spaces, which can accommodate just about any car, your boat will need a suitable slip. So what should you consider when looking for boat slips for rent in Miami? Here are the factors to consider.

What are slip rates?

You do not want to rent a slip that exceeds your budget. Moorings are generally cheaper than holds, but your boat will also be exposed to weather and other vessel hazards. Yacht clubs offer special privileges and amenities but also tend to be quite expensive. Public docks are generally inexpensive but do not usually provide strict security, and some are even open to the public. Private marinas offer the most options but also the most variation, so you’ll need to do more research.

How important is security?

The safety of your boat, yourself, and your guests should always be an important concern. Unlocked facilities, poorly lit parking lots, and unsafe neighborhoods should be avoided if possible. Yes, they can offer significant discounts on rates, but it is not worth it if your boat is damaged or someone is injured.

Is there heavy traffic on the water?

You need to assess the amount of traffic on the water for several reasons: 

First, high traffic areas can be dangerous, with a real risk of collision. Second, motorboats can track other boats, even in non-ideal conditions. 

Finally, traffic jams increase the overall time it takes to leave the marina.

How well informed and helpful are marina operators?

Marina staff should be:

  • Be knowledgeable
  •  Practicing safety
  •  Enforcing cleanliness
  • Instill confidence
  •  Consider the needs of boaters first and foremost
  •  Ensuring security

How accessible is the marina?

Ideally, the marina should be relatively accessible from your home. If you have to spend hours in the car or sit in heavy traffic to get to the marina, you will use your boat much less. You may not find a marina near your home, but the distance should not be prohibitive either.

Does the boat slip have the necessary equipment?

A dock must have certain amenities. You will need an electrical connection to charge your batteries, as well as clean water to fill your tanks and wash your boat. There may be other things to consider, such as :

  •  Dockside Trolleys
  • Waterproof dock boxes
  •  Private lockers
  • Docks for rubber dinghies
  • Receptacles for waste and recycling
  •  Private showers
  •  Laundry
  • Steps

Of particular importance are watertight dock boxes for the storage of cleaning products, tools, extra equipment, life jackets, and a host of other items. For most people, all they think about is providing a place to dock without thinking about the value of a place to store stuff. Once you have that storage place, you will never want to go back there again. 

Dry dock or wet dock?

Wet docks are more expensive than dry docks because they are more convenient. When you want to use your boat, all you have to do is go to the dock and get on board. Dry docks are also less convenient because you have to inform the dock rental company in advance that you want to use your boat. The decision depends on your financial plan.

Is it easy for you to dock?

It is essential to answer the question of whether you can easily dock your boat. If it is difficult to dock and leave, it will considerably reduce the pleasure of your boat. Also, it should be easy to connect to electricity and water.

Water depth

Unluckily, the water level in many lakes is dropping, which means there might not have enough water for both your keel and draft. If you have to dock at the stern first, you will need to make sure there is enough water at the inside end of the hold to clear your propellers. Use a long stick to test the water depth. When testing, also pay attention to rocks or other obstacles that could damage your boat.

The Finger Dock length

The Finger Dock, which extends from the main jetty, should be long enough for you and your guests to easily exit your boat. If the finger dock is not long enough, you will have to go back into the slipway, which may not be suitable depending on which side you want to moor on.

The dock height

The height of the dock will determine how easily you and your guests will be able to get on and off your boat. If a slip is high and fixed, it may be easier for you to get on and off the side deck or cockpit side. Depending on the height, you may need to add a ladder or stool to make getting on and off your boat easier.

Is there space for a raft or personal vessel?

If you also have an inflatable boat or a personal vessel, you must make sure that there is room next to your boat for it. If there is no room, you will have to make other arrangements or find another location. Don’t find out after you have rented or purchased your slipway!

Conclusion: Boat slips for rent in Miami

The choice of boat slips for rent in Miami that best suits you will depend on a variety of factors, including price, convenience, equipment, size of your boat, etc. Take the time to make this decision as it will greatly affect the quality of your boating experience. If possible, ask others about their experiences and spend some time simply observing the activity near the dock. The more time you spend evaluating, the less regret you will have afterward.