Charter Boat From Miami To Nassau: A Caribbean Boating Trip

Are you ready to embark on a boating adventure? If so, here’s the trip that’s right for you. Charter Boat from Miami to Nassau.  We will take you on the ultimate adventure, from Miami via the Exumas to Nassau. It’s a vast expanse of ocean, dotted with small islands full of dreamy cays. Ready to discover the Caribbean? Rent your private boat and start your adventure today. 

Charter Boat from Miami to Nassau, the Bahamas 

The first leg of the trip departs from Miami and travels 177 nautical miles to Nassau, Bahamas. This trip takes about ten hours by yacht and in about three days by sailboat. Experience the island’s vibes once you arrive at your destination, and be sure to enjoy cocktail toes in the sand once you get there. 

From Nassau to Highbourne Cay

 The next part of the trip will take only 5 hours by boat to reach High Bourne Cay. Just steps from the marina, you will find eight deserted beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy surfing with hardly another soul for miles. Bonus? Fishing from the deck of your boat will be ideal when you’re anchored at High Bourne Cay.

Highbourne Cay to Warderick Wells

It takes only a few hours of sailing to reach Warderick Wells. Here you can relax on one of the many beautiful beaches and visit the ruins of the plantation. There are many places to go diving or hiking in Warderick Wells, and the headquarters of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park exist there. 

From Warderick Well to Shroud Cay

 At barely three hours, Shroud Cay is a charming little stopover. An uninhabited island where you can spend the day exploring the mangrove river before lifting anchor and sailing to the next stopover.

From Shroud Cay to Norman’s Cay

 You will barely have time to catch your breath before you arrive at Norman’s Cay. There, you can scuba dive to explore a plane wreck. Afterward, you can dine at a beach club. 

From Norman’s Cay to Paradise Island 

Returning to Nassau, you will find Paradise Island. Spend a day or two playing in the 141-acre water park or swimming with dolphins. Then take time to try your hand at the casino or get a few treatments at the spa. 

From Paradise Island to Nassau

 Back in Nassau, you can spend a few more days exploring the Bahamas before heading back to Miami. See the hundreds of animals in Ardastra gardens or visit the locals for a fish fry. Explore the world’s biggest underwater cave system in Lucayan National Park. 

Nassau to Miami 

 Get back home with your trip back to Miami. If you haven’t finished your vacation yet, there are many nightlife spots where you can continue to party once you arrive in South Beach. This trip from Miami to Nassau via the Exumas will make you want to be a Caribbean pirate who smuggles rum and spends every day watching the pristine turquoise waters. Until the next boat adventure with Monet yacht charters, it will be difficult for you to go back to everyday life until the next adventure. 

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