Chartering Vs. Renting A Boat Or Yacht: What’s The Difference?

If you have considered a Miami boat rental recently, then you have likely come across various offers for Miami boat rental companies and Miami charter companies: but what is the difference between renting and chartering a boat in Miami? Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between chartering and renting a boat in Miami to help you decide which is the best option for you and your needs.

Chartering vs. Renting

Chartering and renting are sometimes used interchangeably on the current market, but there are some significant differences between these two actions which make them highly different experiences.


When you rent a boat or yacht, you are renting the watercraft for a much more limited amount of time. Boat rentals are typically done on an hourly or at most a 1-day basis. Most rented watercrafts are smaller boats, including motor boats and power boats, which are not intended to be used overnight or for significant periods of time.

You also need to bring your own equipment and if applicable, crew, when you rent a boat. Fishing equipment, water sports, drinks, food, etc., are all something you will need to bring on your own.

In other words, when you rent a boat—you get the boat. Everything (and everyone) else is up to you to bring.


If renting a boat gets you the boat, then chartering gets you an experience. When you charter a boat or yacht, you are typically renting the boat for at least one day—though charters typically last longer, anywhere from 3 days up to a week or potentially more for customized experiences. Chartered boats are typically larger, such as yachts, since they are designed to be used for longer periods of time including overnight.

Companies who offer boat charters can offer a wide range of experiences. A boat charter might include just the boat rental—or it can include a captain, crew, and a personal chef on board, along with dozens of options in between. Some chartered boats can provide you with equipment and refreshments, while others will leave it up to you to bring those items along. The key is in the details offered by the company, so if you are looking for a specific experience, be sure to choose a company that offers a range of charter experiences.

Which is the Best Option for You?

The question is: should you go for a Miami boat rental or a charter? The answer lies in what, exactly, you want out of the experience.

If you only want to go fishing or snorkeling for an afternoon or at most a day, then a boat rental may be the best option, especially when you have previous boating experience. If you’d like to be on the water for a longer period of time or you don’t have as much experience and you’d like a crew along with you, then a charter may be the best option.

Whatever you choose, remember: be safe and have fun!

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