Final Guide To Miami Boat Dock For Rent

Finding the perfect Miami boat dock for rent, whether short or long term, can sometimes seem like a difficult task. Several factors must be taken into account to find the best place to dock. The location of the dock, its length, the depth of water, its price, the services offered, as well as the dock owner’s rules, are all factors that must be weighed when deciding whether or not to rent the space.  

Finding a Dock

 The dock search process starts on the Google or boat rental websites. Then you can search available listings for the location you want. 

If you don’t have a specific location for your dock rental in mind, you can also press the search button to display all available listings, sorted by the most recent ones displayed.

If you want to rent a dock in Miami, FL, you can type it in our search bar, and you will get a list of available dock locations. 

Dock rentals based on availability

A lot of boaters find that private docks offer much better service than marinas. However, one of the difficulties when renting a nearby slipway is figuring out its availability. 

Minimize the number of perfect docks

During the search process, boaters can search according to specific criteria, including electricity, boat size, price, life onboard, or stay on board.

Finding an available dock for your 40-foot catamaran with a 20-foot beam, 7-foot draft, 55-foot mast height, with the need for freshwater and 50-amp power, is now easier than ever.

Find a charter company or dock owner to help you narrow down your choice of a dock, so you can be sure you’re getting the slip that’s right for you and in the right place. 

What types of locations are docks located in?

There are a wide variety of docks available for rent in different locations. 

The spaces are located :

  •  Mainly behind private detached houses, in private canals or channels. 
  • Condominium marinas 
  • Ordinary marinas
  •  Behind retail stores or restaurants 

Prices of boat slips 

The price of docks is highly variable and depends on various factors. Nevertheless, the median market rate of dockage tends to be between $10 and $20 per foot per month. 

Several factors can determine the pricing of space. These factors are generally as follows:

  • The neighborhood space: A high priced space in an upscale neighborhood or closed communities versus a more moderately priced space off the beaten path.
  • The proximity of the space to the main water channel, such as the offshore waterway or its proximity to the inlets allows for easy and open access to the ocean.
  • The number of fixed bridges that must be crossed to access the space
  • Total available space.
  • The depth of water available in the space: Spaces that offer a draft of 7 feet or more at low tide tend to be more expensive because they are equipped with large keel sailboats that are difficult to moor elsewhere or a large motor yacht that requires a deep draft.
  • If space permits maintenance or 24-hour access.

Monet’s yacht charter gives you the confidence of knowing that you can request an available dock that fits your boat and your lifestyle . Then allows you to instantly connect to that dock owner through our fully integrated platform. 

We will be working on a unique technology that will make it even easier to identify the rental docks that are right for you! For now, check out the available miami boat dock for rent , and you can begin the docking process.

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