Great Weekend Activities On A Charter Boat In Miami

Whether you come to Miami for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both, don’t miss the opportunity to explore and discover the area beyond your beach towel. Whether you’re diving in the colorful coral reefs, flying over the waves, or fishing for trophy size fish, you’ll be glad you got your toes out of the sand for a day or two. Here are top great activities to do on a Charter Boat in Miami

Great Weekend Activities on a Charter Boat in Miami

Snorkeling & Diving

The reefs of South Florida are a dream destination for water and nature lovers. There are at least ten artificial reefs near Miami that are home to angelfish, butterflyfish, wrasse and colorful pigfish as well as turtles, eels and rays. For a truly relaxing experience, rent a kayak and paddle to peaceful snorkeling spots. Remember to bring an underwater camera and a scuba diving partner.

Windsurfing & Parasailing

The warm waves, shallow water and favorable wind conditions around the Bay of Biscayne provide pleasant conditions for windsurfing and parasailing. You will fly 800 feet above the waves of Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay; while enjoying the view of Coconut Grove and the Miami skyline. Simple instructions and safety equipment make parasailing an incredible experience for you and up to two friends. Sailboards Miami is a great choice for windsurfing lessons.

Speedboat & Jet Ski Excursions

If the fast action, 360 degree turns, and adrenaline pumping speed make your heart pound; then you’ll be at home on a speedboat excursion. You’ll be able to see Miami’s waterfront and Memorial Island as your captain swerves around the San Marco Islands and soars over the waves. Hold on to your hat, sunglasses, and anything else not attached to your body. If you prefer to sail by yourself; book a boat rental or jet-ski tour in Miami around the waters of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. A local guide will show you around, pointing out interesting sites and giving you a view of the interior of the area. This is a unique way to admire the scenery and maybe see dolphins and manatees.

Deep Sea Fishing

The waters around Miami and the Florida Keys are full of all kinds of trophy size fish. Book a deep-sea fishing boat rental, and you can feast on bluefish, mahi-mahi and groupers in no time.

Rent a Boat

Whether you want to water ski, watch nature, fly fish or tarpon fish at night; renting a private boat in Miami with a licensed captain is a great option. You will benefit from the experience of a local captain who will show you places of interest; point out the best places to fish or dive, recommend restaurants by the sea and show you all the dolphins, manatees and turtles you can imagine. Whatever type of water activities you enjoy. We think you’ll agree that there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Miami this weekend!