How Much Is It To Rent A Yacht In Miami?

Need something fun and unique to do on your next vacation? Have you ever dreamed of standing at the helm or basking on the deck of a luxury yacht and asked yourself how Much is it to Rent a Yacht in Miami? Chances are you have friends or family who have similar notions of the glamorous life. If this is the case, a luxury yacht charter may be the perfect solution for you.

Renting a yacht is cheaper than expected!

 In order to organize the charter of a luxury yacht, it is not necessary to blow up the bank. When you pay for it with friends or family, the experience becomes much more affordable for everyone. Think of it in the same way as renting a limousine to go to a concert, booking a private room in the hottest club in town, or renting a cottage by the sea for the week. Yachts from 32 to 112 feet long can be rented for a day, half-day, or even an overnight stay.

How Much is it to Rent a Yacht in Miami?

Depending on whether you rent for a full day or half-day, a  boat with enclosed cabins, a galley, spacious decks, and modern electronics and stereo systems can be between $1,600 and $2,400. The rental price generally increases with the size and length of the yacht. Also, as the size of the yacht increases, the equipment onboard increases to include even more luxurious amenities.

What to do when renting a yacht in Miami?

  • Spend the day sightseeing and observing the nature around Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys.
  • Work on your diving and snorkeling skills.
  • Remember big game fish such as sailfish, swordfish, and tuna.
  • Join us for a dinner cruise, meeting, or other special events. Don’t give up on your boating dreams.

If you and your friends haven’t experience boating, you can hire a captain to do the boating for you. Hiring a captain is also a great idea when you are unfamiliar with the area. Experienced captains know all the best places for fishing, snorkeling, and dolphin watching.

Rent a yacht, enjoy the opportunity!

Consider renting a yacht for the night for a truly unique onboard experience. You can dine under the stars, enjoy the nighttime skyline, and fall asleep to the gentle rocking of the waves. In addition to being fun, chartering a yacht is a unique way to make memories while spending time with friends and family.

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