How To Choose A Miami Boat Rental With Captain

Hiring a charter boat captain to navigate on the water is a great way to discover all that the water has to offer while avoiding the stress or responsibility of operating the boat. When you use a boat charter service such as Monet Yachts to choose your mode of transportation, it’s quick and easy to hire a certified and professional Miami boat rental with captain.

Choosing your Miami Boat Rental Captain

While the captain of the charter boat works for you, he or she will also take up a large part of your day. Prospective charterers can always ask their questions in advance through the Monet Yachts system. You can ask them questions about their experience, their safety record, or even their particular interests. All of these questions are relevant, but how do you know if you will enjoy the hours at sea with a specific person? You can even ask the captain about the weather, what you are allowed to bring on the boat, or suggestions for fun places to go!

Can the captain assist in case the weather and water conditions are unanticipated?

Why waste a day on the water just because the water is rough in one direction? An experienced boat captain will be able to change his plans and go to another place where conditions are better.  A captain will know many places to visit and fish, as well as the best restaurants on the water.

What are the best types of boat rental captains?

All experienced boat rental captains can, for sure, sail on the waterways. The types of charters he enjoys or spends most of his time on can play a role in your day on the water. If the captain is more of a deep-sea fishing type and you want to swim, dive and bask in the sun, this may not be for you. Similarly, if he is used to sightseeing, dolphin watching, and sunset cruises, he may not know where to catch marlin, tuna, and trophy-sized sailboats.

Does your boat rental captain handle children comfortably?

While it is the responsibility of parents to control their children on a boat, the captain is ultimately responsible for the safety of everyone on board. Make sure the captain of your rental boat is comfortable with any young children or teens that may be in your group. Many boat captains enjoy introducing basic boating skills to interested youth sailors.

Booking your rental with an inclusive captain is an excellent idea to guarantee a successful cruise with friends and family. Your captain allows you to unplug and enjoy fun water activities, from snorkeling and scuba diving to deep-sea fishing, or even enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. You can relax because the captain does all the work for you! 

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