Miami Boat Rentals For Divers!

 Boat charters have an important role by connecting divers with Miami boat rentals agencies to help them visit these fun and curious underwater places.

Scuba divers can ask about boat rentals in Miami for the best dive sites!

Miami’s coastline is home to some of the most unique diving destinations in the United States, including sunken barges, army tanks, and even an underwater graveyard. The many artificial and natural reefs in the area are home to a wide variety of marine life, including colorful fish, eels, and lush underwater vegetation.  

In the past, to explore these sunken wonders, divers without their boat had to endure overcrowded rental boats with strict schedules. However, Boat rental agencies want local and visiting divers to know that peer-to-peer boat rentals can provide a better experience. 

If you are certified in scuba diving and own your diving equipment, this is the perfect option to design the perfect day on, in, and underwater. 

The industry-leading Boatscharter service offers divers or anyone interested in the boating lifestyle easy and affordable access to the water.  

Boat users can choose from a wide range of boat rentals; available from half a day to several days on the water. Interested boaters can also decide if they want to be captain of their rental boat themselves or choose from the industry-leading network of Coast Guard certified captains.  

For certified divers unfamiliar with Miami’s vast selection of scuba diving sites, Boat rentals experts recommend exploring these fantastic underwater sites .

Amazing Underwater Sites in Miami

  • Biscayne National Park Maritime Heritage Trail: Just a short drive from Miami! This national park is home to a six wreck trail dating back more than a century. With so many obstacles to explore in the waters of this park, divers can make it an everyday affair.
  • Vietnamese Army Tanks:  These two 40-ton military tanks are now part of the Wreck Trek site; which is a collection of barges, tugboats, and huge blocks of limestone sunk into the water. Divers can even take care of the turrets, which are now probably more loaded with eels than with ammunition.
  • Sinko de Mayo, Jose Cuervo Bar:  Approximately 700 feet away offshore and the only underwater bar in South Beach ; has not been serving drinks after sinking in May 2000 as a promotional bar. Also, it offers a unique photo opportunity for divers who want to bartend in the world’s wettest dry bar. 
  • Bimini Road:  Considered the road to the lost civilization of Atlantis; This dive site is located near the island of Bimini ;and is made up of massive square blocks and even a wall formation nearby.

Divers wishing to visit the wrecks should consider renting a boat in Miami with a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain. Before leaving, they must file a floatation plan with a family member or friend; have all proper and required safety equipment, wear their life jacket; and never operate a boat under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. 

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