How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht In Miami?

Chartering a yacht in Miami has become an increasing trend for both: visitors and locals… so a lot of people wonder how much it cost to rent a yacht in Miami. Besides being able to cruise under the warm sun and enjoy swimming in blue water all year long, Miami boat scene has a lot … Continue reading

Miami Sandbar Boat Rental Party

Are you planning to rent a boat for a birthday or any other festive occasion and spend a memorable day with your friends? A Miami sandbar boat rental party is the perfect way to get the party you deserve. Note that it is any other party you would like to organize, such as an engagement … Continue reading

Your Itinerary Options For The Day On A Boat In Miami

Escape from the daily life and see Miami from a different angle! Whether you are visiting from out of town or you are coming from the local grounds renting a yacht in Miami with Monet Yachts will always be a unique experience for any type of group. Monet Yachts offers half day and full day cruises. … Continue reading

How Much To Rent A Boat In Miami?

The answer to how much to rent a Boat in Miami is quite simple . The cost of chartering a yacht depends on many factors including, the length of charter, size of boat, amenities, accommodation, captain and crew, etc. While there isn’t a clear-cut answer to what it will cost to charter a yacht, a … Continue reading

5 Tips For First-Time Yacht Charters In Miami

If you have never embarked on a Miami yacht rental before, you are in for a treat: renting or chartering a yacht in Miami is an incredibly fun experience that you are sure to never forget. Renting and chartering yachts and boats in Miami is one of the most popular pastimes for locals and visitors … Continue reading