How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht In Miami?

Chartering a yacht in Miami has become an increasing trend for both: visitors and locals… so a lot of people wonder how much it cost to rent a yacht in Miami. Besides being able to cruise under the warm sun and enjoy swimming in blue water all year long, Miami boat scene has a lot … Continue reading

Top 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Never Tell You!

At first glance, boat clubs seem to be a good idea. Instead of having to buy a boat, you pay a monthly membership fee and have access to a whole range of different boats. The problem is that in reality, things are not going that well. Here are the top five secrets that boat clubs … Continue reading

Boat Rental Miami Beach: Miami Boating Guide

Miami Beach boating is a part of life for residents and a must for visitors. Biscayne Bay on the west coast with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, providing plenty of boating options available. From November to April, the dry season in Miami Beach is a perfect escape for those looking to leave winter behind … Continue reading

The Best Pontoon Boat Rental In Miami

Pontoon boat rental in miami: enjoy a new style of navigation! If you want to sail on a freshwater lake with your family and friends, lazing on comfortable seats while snacking and sipping your way throughout the afternoon, your pontoon rental will be perfect. Or, perhaps you would like to equip this two-tube, flat-decked boat … Continue reading

The Essential Boat Rental Packing List

All right! The time has come, and you are ready to set sail for your next trip. Before you cast off, make sure you have everything on the rental boat packing list. We are here to make sure you are well equipped, whether it is for a few hours in the afternoon or for a … Continue reading

Spoil Your Family With A One Day Boat Charter In Miami

Families are a treasure. Families remain a permanent fixture in a world of continuous evolution. They do not change, no matter how much time or money you spend with them. In a world that is changing at a breakneck pace, they are your anchor. So why not make them realize how special they are with … Continue reading