How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht In Miami?

Chartering a yacht in Miami has become an increasing trend for both: visitors and locals… so a lot of people wonder how much it cost to rent a yacht in Miami. Besides being able to cruise under the warm sun and enjoy swimming in blue water all year long, Miami boat scene has a lot … Continue reading

Final Guide To Miami Boat Dock For Rent

Finding the perfect Miami boat dock for rent, whether short or long term, can sometimes seem like a difficult task. Several factors must be taken into account to find the best place to dock. The location of the dock, its length, the depth of water, its price, the services offered, as well as the dock … Continue reading

Where To Go In Miami On A Charter Boat

Miami and its surroundings offer some of the best boating destinations in North America, if not the world. However, it can take a lifetime to see and experience all this (ask anyone who lives here). So, once you have decided to rent a boat or book a charter, where should you go to Miami on … Continue reading

How To Find A Luxury Yacht Rental In Miami?

Yachts are the soul of luxury. Whether it’s meeting a new client, closing an important deal, attending the first meeting, going crazy with family and friends, or anything else, when you do it on a yacht, you become luxurious. However, to spend a pleasant day on the yacht, the most vital factor to consider is … Continue reading

How Much Costs A Private Yacht Charter?

If you are looking to book a private yacht charter, if you have not already done so, it can be a bit daunting. Often, a search will reveal options that look similar, but the price seems very different. If you are not too familiar with a yacht charter, it can be hard to understand why. … Continue reading