Top Reasons To Choose A Yacht Rental In South Beach Miami

You don’t need to own a boat to be a sailor – especially with yacht rental in south beach Miami, Florida .  Miami-Dade County is famous for its warm beaches and infinite sunlight. The waters are ready to be tapped, and you don’t need to own a boat to enjoy your time on the ocean. … Continue reading

Miami Boat Rental Requirements

You probably know what you will need to rent a car if you are going to Miami, but chances are you are not as sure what you will need if you want to rent a boat. Since boating is one of the things that Miami is famous for around the world, it is certainly something … Continue reading

Boat Rental Itinerary To Naples, Florida

If you visit places like Naples, Florida, you can easily allow the stunning deep-sea view along the Gulf coastline to be your top destination. No trip to Naples would be truly complete without a boat tour. Even if you do not own a boat;you can now enjoy the attractions that this upscale city located on … Continue reading