Charter Boat From Miami To Nassau: A Caribbean Boating Trip

Are you ready to embark on a boating adventure? If so, here’s the trip that’s right for you. Charter Boat from Miami to Nassau.  We will take you on the ultimate adventure, from Miami via the Exumas to Nassau. It’s a vast expanse of ocean, dotted with small islands full of dreamy cays. Ready to … Continue reading

Rent A Boat In Miami For A Day For Any Special Occasion

When cruising in Miami, you can enjoy natural landscapes and iconic urban landscapes as a permanent backdrop to your cruises. You’re sure to create strong memories, take amazing photos, and return home with even greater love and appreciation of cruising. Whether you’re cruising down a peaceful river or sailing along tropical shores, you’re sure to … Continue reading

Top 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Never Tell You!

At first glance, boat clubs seem to be a good idea. Instead of having to buy a boat, you pay a monthly membership fee and have access to a whole range of different boats. The problem is that in reality, things are not going that well. Here are the top five secrets that boat clubs … Continue reading