Rent A Boat In Miami: Make Your Trip A Perfect Day On The Water!

What is your travel itinerary to Miami? Of course, you can stroll through Miami’s art deco neighborhood, soak up the sun on the sandy beaches, stroll through the waterfront neighborhoods and outdoor cafes of Coconut Grove, or indulge in the famous South Beach nightlife. But why not go beyond the boardwalk and plan a day … Continue reading

Private Yacht Rental Miami: Customized Boating Services

 The concept of private yacht rental in miami evolved beyond fishing and core touristic excursions towards future trends. By renting from a private boat owner, charterers can customize their boating experience to meet their own needs and interests. This modern approach to entertainment and activities on the water has allowed more people to experience the … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Yacht Charters Miami

Today Thanksgiving is all about enjoying a happy family gathering around grandmother’s dining room table. So why not share with family and friends and experience wonderful seafront food, a thanksgiving Yacht Charters in Miami for instance ? Surrounded by water, Thanksgiving could take on a whole new meaning. Every year, family and friends get together … Continue reading

Full Itinerary To Rent A Yacht For A Day In Miami

If you are planning to rent a yacht for a day in Miami, below is an ideal luxury yacht charter itinerary for the day to show you the best sights of this most iconic city in the United States. This trip route map is adaptable to suit any trip, offering unique experiences for groups of … Continue reading

Yacht Charter In Miami

Anyone seeking a yacht charter Miami needs to pay close attention to this. We’ve got the yachts and the captains required for you to have a great time on the water. You won’t have to do anything other than show up to have a good time. You may live in Miami or plan on coming … Continue reading