Boat Rental Miami Labor Day

Labour Day is the unofficial sign of the end of summer and is the last big holiday before Thanksgiving, so we must have as much fun as possible. The barbecue in the mill yard won’t be enough to get us through nearly three months of hard work. There is no better location to enjoy the … Continue reading

Rent A Boat In Miami For A Day For Any Special Occasion

When cruising in Miami, you can enjoy natural landscapes and iconic urban landscapes as a permanent backdrop to your cruises. You’re sure to create strong memories, take amazing photos, and return home with even greater love and appreciation of cruising. Whether you’re cruising down a peaceful river or sailing along tropical shores, you’re sure to … Continue reading

How Much To Rent A Boat In Miami?

The answer to how much to rent a Boat in Miami is quite simple . The cost of chartering a yacht depends on many factors including, the length of charter, size of boat, amenities, accommodation, captain and crew, etc. While there isn’t a clear-cut answer to what it will cost to charter a yacht, a … Continue reading

Rent A Boat In Florida In Winter

Winter is coming! Do not be fooled by the abnormally warm winter temperatures of recent times. Temperatures are dropping, and winter frost is coming! There is nothing for snowbirds to worry about as they have already mapped a getaway itinerary, and for many, it leads straight to sunshine. As soon as you arrive in Florida, … Continue reading

Plan Your Luxury Miami Yacht Charter Honeymoon

Finding your soulmate is a glorious day in your life. Everything changes. You feel better, you feel beautiful, and you feel wanted. Life somehow has a new meaning. However, as life unfolds, it becomes difficult to find moments filled with love. But there’s Something to do about it now. Plan your honeymoon! Just for you … Continue reading