Preparation Of Your First Miami Sailboat Charter

Getting on board for your first Miami sailboat charter is like entering a fascinating amusement park where the rides are constantly changing. When you are on the water, you may encounter various winds and weather conditions, and you will never be bored with the scenery. As a bonus, you will undoubtedly develop valuable sailing skills, opening the door to even more adventures. 

Get the most out of your Miami sailboat charter with these easy-to-follow tips :

Design Your Sailboat Rental Experience 

First, decide how long you want your charter to last. If you are new to sailing, a day trip will give you a tantalizing taste of sailing life while allowing you to return home the same evening. Or you’ve already accumulated some sailing time and are ready to spend a weekend (or even longer) on a comfortably equipped boat. Then choose one or more attractive destinations. If you are going on a day trip, decide whether you want to sail all day or drop anchor for a refreshing swim and a delicious lunch.

If you are near a seaside restaurant and have already docked on a motorboat, consider going ashore for lunch. And if you are renting a sailboat for the weekend, consider the boat capabilities when planning your trip. First of all, keep in mind that a sailboat travels much slower than a motorboat. With this in mind, be very careful in estimating your arrivals at restaurants and marinas and the return to the boat home dock. Allow extra time for delays caused by currents, busy canals, or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Choose a well-equipped sailboat

Choose a well-maintained sailboat that matches your sailing plans and your level of comfort. If you are a novice sailor taking the plunge with a day of sailing, consider a smaller boat you can trust. Once you have spent some time at sea, you can rent a larger, more complex sailboat. If you have already taken sailing courses ; or if you have experience in driving motorboats, you can book a larger boat for the day or weekend. Whichever you choose, make sure that the vessel has a working bathroom and kitchen and that there are no maintenance problems. 

Acquire basic navigational knowledge

Before you start renting your sailboat, acquire some basic knowledge of navigation, as this will allow you to better enjoy the trip. If time permits, take a basic sailing course that includes practical work on the boat. If you are pressed for time, watch a well-balanced sailing video program; or purchase a comparable book written by a recognized sailing expert. Learn about the parts and terminology of sailboats, the principles of sailing; and the basic rules of the road that deal with navigational issues and encounters with other boats. Of course, nothing beats the practical instruction of a knowledgeable professional. Whenever possible, hire a qualified sailing captain for your sailboat charter. It will provide you with essential navigation and boat handling skills, which will give you a solid foundation for your future sailing trips. 

Develop an easy-to-prepare onboard menu

When choosing a menu for your Miami charter sailboat, take into account the length of your trip and the refrigeration and food storage capacity of the vessel. For a day sailing, prepare sandwiches, snacks, and cold drinks that are easy to take along. If your sailboat does not have a refrigerator, bring a cooler and lots of ice. For a weekend excursion, expand your “finger food” lunch options and add some simple breakfast foods.

For dinner, you can choose from waterfront meals, pre-prepared cold salads and desserts, fresh pasta and salads; or meat and vegetables marinated on the propane grill at the stern of the boat. Consider the weather when making your decision; as you do not want to be stuck in a hot kitchen in the summer heat. 

Prepare your Miami Sailboat charter

Prepare to pack your luggage (seasonal clothing, rain gear, sunscreen, and hat). But first, find yourself a well-equipped sailboat with Monet yachts. You can reserve a private sailboat (or motorboat), and licensed coast guard captains are available for you to hire. Your first sailboat rental experience is about to begin!  

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