Rental Boat Miami – A Celebration Of Life

Life is short! Do not settle for a bland celebration to mark life’s important moments. Escape the garden variety, the so-called boring parties! Book a rental boat Miami for your next event and line up for the big moment.

 Brunch, barbecue in the garden, dinner with friends – there is more to it than that. Imagine that! Rent a boat with a captain and go on an ocean adventure to the party :  

The last night of bachelorhood for bride and groom 

 Spend the last few hours as a bachelor on your private charter boat. Will you stop at the sandbank for the ultimate party scene or find the best places to dine on the docks, with champagne in hand? No matter your choice, everything happening aboard the yacht stays right there. 

 Mom and Dad wedding anniversary 

 Rent a boat or yacht big enough for the family and mark this milestone in a way that won’t be forgotten anytime soon – on the ocean, with the sunset setting the mood. Mom and Dad deserve it after all these years, don’t you agree? 

First date with the girl who almost escaped 

 No one else will impress her like you would on a private rental boat. First date or 50th, she will know you are a real protagonist when you leave the shore and spend your date night exploring the ocean together. 

Your 40th birthday party that will eclipse your 21st birthday party 

Take your best friends and tell them you are going to the Bahamas on your private rental boat. A seven-day island time party is the best way to celebrate a new year on the surface. It will be an amazing one. 

One last family vacation before Junior leaves for college 

 Time passes, and eventually, your family splits up as the kids grow up and move on. Of course, their success is what you’ve always hoped for, but you will miss this family time. Have one last hurrah with the family before orientation at Freshman University. Wakeboarding, diving with exotic fish, and deep-sea fishing on a boat or yacht you’ve rented for a long weekend? Even your teenagers will be enthusiastic! So when you celebrate a birthday rental boat Miami is the way to get your party into the history books! 

Monet yachts can take you there with its fleet of private boats of all sizes and styles located in the best nautical destinations in the world. A certified captain is available as part of your charter, thus no sailing experience necessary. 

With Monet Yachts, it is as easy as choosing the boat, setting the dates, and setting sail. Mark the milestones of your life the right way on the water. Book your dream boat today. 

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