Top 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Never Tell You!

At first glance, boat clubs seem to be a good idea. Instead of having to buy a boat, you pay a monthly membership fee and have access to a whole range of different boats. The problem is that in reality, things are not going that well. Here are the top five secrets that boat clubs do not want you to know.

 Limited boat selection

When joining a boat club, you get stuck by the idea of having a high-speed powerboat for a weekend followed by a large cruising catamaran for the following one . The problem is that the clubs only offer a fairly limited choice of boats. Also, most people have the same free time as they do on weekends, vacations, and some summer months that you can end up empty-handed.

 Too much pressure

The problem is that once you join a club, you feel pressure to make the most of it. The average yacht club is $275 a month. If you don’t boat as often or have an unusually busy month, you feel like the money is being thrown away, and it’s just another useless expense.

 Limited space

Although some clubs are located all over the world, you are always limited to the areas where their locations. In most cases, this forces you to stay in the most touristy places. And it is only the biggest clubs that usually have the highest prices.

 Boat Clubs have one of the largest numbers of locations, but most of their business is in the United States, so if you go abroad, you are on your own. The most affordable locations, on the other hand, sometimes have only one or two locations, making it difficult to get the most out of the boat club.

 Boat Clubs can be full

That’s what they don’t want to tell you. Instead, they will put you on a waiting list, probably charge you an admission fee, and then just wait. Even if you get it, it can be hard to get on the water because there are too many people trying to do the same thing as you.


Everything comes down to cost. In the end, the cost of joining a yacht club and keeping it is unreasonable. Typically, you pay a membership fee of several thousand dollars and a monthly fee of several hundred dollars, so it is often cheaper to own your boat or simply rent one!

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