Types Of Miami Yacht Charters

Miami Yacht Charters Service includes renting or chartering a yacht or powerboat and sailing to several coastal destinations or offshore locations. It is generally a vacation activity, but it can also be a corporate event. 

What is a yacht charter?

There are two main types of yacht charter: bareboat charter and skipper charter. Under bareboat charter, a charterer hires a boat and then charters it. The other possibility is to gather a group and rent the yacht with it. The majority of bareboat rental companies provide classes to train and prepare the basics of boating. Such companies may also provide boats for rent, meaning they have skippers but no extra crew on board.

Rental with a skipper means that the boat has a crew. For example, the boat might be a 35-foot boat crewed by 2 persons working as captain and cook. Or a 300-foot boat staffed by 30 or more personnel, such as crew members, mechanics, companions, sailors, skippers, lifeguards, etc.

Types of Miami yacht charters :

  • Skipper rental

Skippered charter means that the yacht is chartered by a professional crew consisting of a skipper/captain who is responsible for the operation of the boat. In some cases, the skipper is also assisted by other crew members.

Skipper charter is normally used for large yachts that require a skipper/captain with proven special nautical skills and experience.

  • Cabin charter

Cabin charter, which has become very popular in recent years, is the ideal solution for sailing trips for those who do not yet have the option of chartering a bareboat or for those who wish to embark on a chartered yacht. Charters are luxurious with a crew but cannot justify the cost.

The rate applies for a place on board the yacht and the provision of food and fuel.  

The cabin can be shared with a friend or even a travel companion on board. But the expertise and knowledge of a local skipper are guaranteed and there is no deposit to be paid for any damage to the yacht. Costs vary considerably from slightly reduced to more luxurious offers, where each cabin has its bathroom, and the crew on board takes care of all cooking and cleaning tasks.

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