Your Itinerary Options For The Day On A Boat In Miami

Escape from the daily life and see Miami from a different angle! Whether you are visiting from out of town or you are coming from the local grounds renting a yacht in Miami with Monet Yachts will always be a unique experience for any type of group. Monet Yachts offers half day and full day cruises. Here is a brief idea of what to do during your day charter. 

Half Day Cruise 

Once your guests and yourself step on board the Captain will offer you a few sightseeing destinations: celebrity mansions of Star Island, skyscrapers of Brickell and Downtown Miami via Miami river, or cruise a bit North past more beautiful real estate along the intracoastal. Afterwards, you could anchor out near the famous Monument Island where you can enjoy the water activities like riding  jet skis or learn how to fly a jet pack, snorkel near the island, explore the island and its monument, or just tan and have a few cocktails laying on the inflatable island.

Depending on the day of the week there are always between a few or bunch of other boaters out there enjoying life and the island. However, if you prefer to swim and enjoy all the mentioned activities in a more private area there is a perfect getaway spot in a hidden lagoon where the water is calm and the view is just stunning.

Full Day Cruise

Full day cruise consists of 8 hours – a  long day on a private yacht can be your true escape where you have plenty of time to pick a few sightseeing places to cruise by and to enjoy more of the water activities.  You also get to have a few more options to consider including into your trip itinerary such as cruising down to Nixon sandbar near Key Biscayne island – a popular boat party place where you find all kinds of beautiful boats anchored next to each other having a blast. Another sightseeing spot you can visit before anchoring at Nixon is Stiltsville – a group of wood stilt houses built right on the edge of Biscayne Bay which have an interesting story to learn about. Lastly you can ask your Captain to schedule lunch at one of the following waterfront restaurants to which you will arrive in style on a private yacht: 

  • Seaspice
  • Kiki on the River
  • Garcia’s
  • Casablanca
  • Boater’s Grille
  • American Social
  • Zuma
  • Rusty Pelican
  • Monty’s

Finally, enjoy the colors of the beautiful sunset that will complete your charter experience with a simple joy of nature’s beauty.


Monet Yachts can offer you many other additional perks to enhance your yacht rental experience in the beautiful city of Miami.

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