5 Tricks To Facilitate Your Life On Miami Charter Boats

Boats are good, but it can also be a lot of work. They are notoriously very demanding in terms of maintenance and often require a lot of time. We are here to share our knowledge of the sector with you. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a long time sailor, try these 5 tips to make your life easier on Miami charter boats.

Miami charter boats : Slow down

You will certainly want to go slow when docking. Always remember the old saying: move slowly and act like a pro. Do not be the guy who gets caught ramming the dock. You may think it is cool to get your boat out of the harbor and into the open sea. Trust us, it is not. It can also cause a lot of damage. Follow our advice and take it easy, especially if you are new to the water. This piracy will make your life on the boat easier in no time.

Learn how to handle a boat trailer

Stopping in a crowded marina without knowing exactly how to maneuver your single propeller boat is one of life’s least pleasant experiences. It is important to learn how to operate your boat trailer. Here is a handy tip: When backing up a trailer, put your hand at the bottom of the wheel at the 6 o’clock position. Turning the wheel indicates the direction the vehicle will go. 

Make sure you are in good standing

This feature will make sailing easier for you. Nothing can ruin a beautiful day at sea like getting arrested and fined or arrested. Make sure you have a lifejacket for everyone on board at all times, a fire extinguisher, a visual distress signal, and a sound-producing device. It is for your safety. Also, make sure your boat is registered and that all your licenses are up to date and easily accessible at all times. Otherwise, you could be subject to heavy fines. Do not be caught off guard.

Know the tides

It is extremely important to know the time and height of high and low tides before leaving. It is often essential to know when to go or not go in and out of an ocean inlet or tributary. So it can also help you avoid grounding at low tide in unmarked areas. We suggest that you take a basic boating safety course over the weekend with your local sewage center. It is cheap and gives you a lot of comfort and safety. You can thank us later for this course that will make your boating life easier!

Miami charter boats: Think about the future

Always overdress yourself (you get bonus points for having an elegant sailing outfit)! Weather conditions on the water are generally different from those on land. When you go for a day on the water, make sure you bring some skin protection, such as sunscreen and a chamois. Nothing can ruin a weekend of good weather like a bad sunburn. Also, make sure to bring plenty of snacks and water. Everyone is happier (especially children) when they are well-fed, and it is never a bad idea to bring extra water on board.

These five tips will make your boating life easy. Need to learn how to improve on-water time? Rent a luxury yacht in Miami! You will sail like never before. Check out our complete selection above, or call us today at 305-677-2557, and we will connect you with the best boat!

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