Corporate Event On Private Charter Yacht

Do you want your guests to never forget how special you made their trip to Miami? Does your product launch or corporate event need something special to take the edge off? Then check out this simple guide if you are looking for a corporate event charter yacht in Miami!

What makes a Corporate Event Charter Yacht suitable for your clients?

Whether you are planning a networking event or want to host a private meeting in style; a corporate yacht charter offers your clients a luxurious experience to allow your company to stand out from the crowd. Rather than wasting money on renting a venue or getting hotel rooms; you can see Miami by the water and have wines and meals served to you for much less money.

By choosing to rent a boat in Miami, you can combine business and pleasure with all the modern technology you need. Many yachts offer conference facilities and meeting rooms equipped with teleconferencing technology and Wi-Fi so you can stay connected at sea or on the docks.

They offer you and your guests luxury accommodation, entertainment and meeting facilities all in one. Featuring exquisite meals and beverages served by responsive crew personnel, the static boat charters provide everything necessary to please and delight your guests.

Types of yacht charters

If you are organizing a business conference in Miami, you should consider chartering a corporate yacht for your event. Whether it is an annual meeting, a new product launch, or a client getaway; you can customize the entire experience to suit your needs. Whether it is for two weeks or just for the day, you can offer your customers a unique experience.

There are several types of charters available for your boat rental needs in Miami. Static charters involve the private yacht being docked for the duration of a sporting event or industrial conference.

Day charters allow you to impress without blowing up the bank. Depending on the size of the yacht, you can accommodate a party of up to 140 people and have it served to perfection. You and your clients will be free to focus on business or pleasure.

Practical Considerations

If you may have the perfect idea for an event, you need to make sure that all the details are communicated to the boat owner. You will need their permission to make your dreams come true, as their authority is the deciding factor in getting the use of a yacht.

Superyachts can easily accommodate hundreds of guests. However, the average yacht can only accommodate 8 and 12 people.

Static charters can accommodate more people. But you should always be aware of the maximum capacity of the boats. The number of guests may also require the use of carpeting to avoid damage to the floor for which you will be responsible.

Book a boat in Miami for your next event

No matter whether you are releasing your new product or offering your clientele an exceptional experience, renting a yacht adds both luxury and convenience to your business operations in a memorable combination.

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