Cruising & Motor Yachts – The Ultimate Guide To Charter Yachts In Miami

If you are completely new to the world of yachting, you may be only vaguely aware of the different types of Charter Yachts in Miami . We wouldn’t blame you: there is a lot of overlap between these categories, which may make them seem a little arbitrary to the casual or novice yachtsman. However, if you have an idea of what you want to get out of your boating experience, you will want to know the main distinctions between these types of boats so that you can make the choice that is right for you. Here are some major differences between cruising yachts and motor yachts. 

Note: you will probably find boats with different specifications from those you see below that would still be classified as one or the other of these types of yachts. That said, we have tried to keep it as general as possible to make it easier for you. 

Cruising Speeds

Cruising yachts are like the sports cars of the boating world. It is not just about the sleek, uncluttered shapes or the sometimes daring color choices: it is also about the speed at which they can go. Many cruise boats can reach high speed on the water, up to 30 knots or more. Their small size and angular design make them more hydrodynamic, which is perfect for adrenaline junkies. If your idea of a trip is an adventure on the high seas, cruising yachts could be your style.

Of course, for many people, speed is not everything. For example, people who imagine being on the high seas as a way to relax, now that they are miles away from the pressures they find on land. Cruising yachts tend to focus on cooling rather than relaxing, so they tend to reach the relatively softer high speed of 20 knots. Ironically, this means that motor yachts may be more suitable for cruising than real cruisers!

How much space?

Another reason why motor yachts cannot go as fast as other types of yachts is also an important part of their appeal: they are much larger. These types of boats tend to have several cabins and bathrooms, but more space also means more amenities. Onboard a motor yacht, you may find bars, dining areas, and lounges. Remember when we said earlier that cruising yachts are like sports cars? It would not be an exaggeration to say that motor yachts are the equivalent of stretch limousines.

Cruising yachts generally have less space for such features and fewer cabins. However, what is missing on the inside is compensated for by the emphasis on the outside. You can find more outdoor space on a cruising yacht to enjoy the fresh sea air. Motor yachts may be better suitable for a fancy dinner, but the cruising yacht is better suited for those who prefer to bring a cooler, do some grilling, and cast a fishing line with a few buds.

Charter Yachts in Miami

However, none of these boats is innately superior to the other. Everything is subjective and depends on your tastes and interests. It means that in the debate about cruise boats versus motor yachts, there is only one winner: you. Monet Yachts can help you make that decision and live the sailing experience you will enjoy the most. Take a look at our selection of cruising yachts and motor yachts, and also take a look at our many other options.

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