How To Choose A Reputable Boat Charter Broker In Miami ?

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to navigate freely in waters where you’ve never been before. However, if this is the first time you are chartering a yacht, you will have a better experience if you use the help and expertise of a broker. It is safe to say that boat charter broker in Miami is not only necessary for your first trip but is also considered a prudent choice. 

What makes a good boat charter broker in Miami

Many yacht charter brokers promise optimal satisfaction to the clients who hire them. However, not all of them can deliver what they have advertised. It is why you should be very careful in choosing a boat charter broker in Miami for your first trip.

To help you, below are some of the features of a reputable yacht charter broker that you should look for:

 Puts your interests first 

A good broker is someone who puts his client’s interests first. It means that he or she must be able to serve you as a great real estate agent and know the right questions to ask yacht managers for the chartered yacht with crew or skipper you wish to test.

 Must be experienced on basis of Services excellence  

Good yacht charter brokers have links with the most reputable yachting associations around the world. They must be a member of at least one of these groups. Indeed, they require a certain level of knowledge and skills, which means that they do not let just anyone in. A yacht charter broker who is a member of these organizations is guaranteed to have sufficient experience, the right qualifications, and proven experience in the respect of procedures and ethical codes.

Expertise in niche markets 

In the field of boat chartering, there are tons of niche markets to watch out for, including motor yachts, riverboats, sailboats, mini-cruises, and cruise ships. If the yacht charter broker you spoke to claims to specialize in more than two of these categories, you should think twice before you hire him or her because they may not be able to find the right boat for you.

 Reputed and Ethical

While it may be tempting to turn to young yacht charter brokers who are extremely flexible in all the ideas that are submitted to them, it is still preferable to turn to those who have acquired a reputation in this field. Indeed, experienced brokers tend to be more realistic in their ideas and will help you avoid making unrealistic attempts at your first charter. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it is very helpful to you that a “sit” means that the broker is looking for your security, even if it means risking losing the charter in favor of a “yes”.

Truthful concerning possible Issues  

There are cases where certain details of the charter are flawed, such as a chef who is not able to prepare the most trendy meal, a crew who may be too casual in their work, or a captain who has reserves for sailing on non-motorized boats. Since some of these situations may cause you inconvenience as a client, a good yacht charter broker should be able to communicate this information to you without any hesitation. Instead of hiding these potential problems, he should be completely honest and let you decide .

Boat charter Broker in Miami: (What to do and what not to do)  

Now that you know what to look for in a good charter broker, you may think you are ready to hire someone for your first trip. But you should be aware of the dos and don’ts when selecting a boat charter broker in Miami :

  • Don’t hire a broker who is unfamiliar with charter terms

Charter brokers are also individuals and therefore must know certain areas. However, you mustn’t hire someone who does not know the reasons for the charter, as they do not immediately know if the country’s ports require additional visas, taxes, and port fees and if weather conditions in the area are fluctuating.

  •  Check a broker’s background and reputation

These days, it’s easy to find out about a professional’s reputation, thanks to the Internet. Be sure to check with communities and associations about the boat broker you wish to hire to determine if their reputation is what they say it is.

  •  Avoid brokers holding a personal interest in a specific boat

A vested interest in a vessel means that the broker cannot be objective with the charter. If a yacht chartering broker repeatedly offers you a certain vessel, this may be a sign that he has a working interest in that vessel.

  •  Choose a person who has tried to be captain in the charter

Those who have tried to be captain of a yacht have a certain advantage over candidates who are not because they know how to organize a charter better.

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